Housing is very important in life.
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In order to keep the house clean

Housing is very important in life. It is where I spend a lot of time a day, so let's keep it clean. If the room is dirty, it will be troublesome to clean up. Therefore, let's clean up before it gets dirty. By clearing things you use everyday, you can keep the room in a beautiful state.

The most beautiful thing to do is the water around the kitchen, bath, toilet and so on. When you skim the cleaning around the water, mold becomes easy to occur. When mold grows out, it is not easy to clean beautifully with sponges. Therefore, let's clean every day. Kitchen, you should wash dishes etc when you finish eating. If you wash your clothes in summer even for one day, you will get a bad smell.

After washing, let's clean the sink gently and let it dry. Let's throw raw garbage away immediately without sinking it in the sink. Let's turn the ventilator every day because it is the easiest mold to grow in the bathroom. Especially if there is no window in the bathroom, moisture will ruin and mold will grow soon. If mold is easy to grow, turning the ventilator for 24 hours makes mold less prone to grow. When cleaning, let's clean the bathroom as well as the washbasin.

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